EDTMax Offers Best Erectile Dysfunction (ED) Telemedicine Consultation at a Low Price Point.

Updated: Oct 28, 2020

Provides free online erectile dysfunction consultation from licensed MD for erectile dysfunction treatment medication

USA—October 25, 2020—Today EDTMax, the experts in treating erectile dysfunction (ED), announced a follow to their merger with ED MED CARE. They are now able to provide the best erectile dysfunction telemedicine treatment services. Men with erectile dysfunction who are looking for lower cost alternative pricing for expensive erectile dysfunction medications and ED treatments. For those in need of erectile dysfunction treatment options, the answer is to contact the licensed physicians of EDTMax online for a no-charge ED consultation. The doctors are able to diagnose each man’s specific erectile dysfunction causes and prescribe affordable erectile dysfunction pills.

ED is a potentially serious psychological and physical medical condition, which should be treated as soon as possible to avoid chronic complications. Men with erectile dysfunction are in need of approved treatment to enjoy a normal sex life. Erectile dysfunction tablets can be incredibly expensive, costing upwards of $70 per pill, making it even more difficult for men to receive regular treatment. A recent study determined that 1 in 4 men suffers from erectile dysfunction, unable to maintain an erection and reach satisfaction.

In order to help men enjoy a healthy sex life, the doctors will find the best erectile dysfunction treatment in an online appointment. As detailed on https://www.edtmax.com/, the telemedicine consultation process is quick, easy and free. After answering only a handful of questions, EDTMax’s experienced ED physicians will be able to diagnose men with erectile dysfunction and target which medication is best for each man in need of erectile dysfunction treatment.

Dr. Adriene Miller is the erectile disfunction expert at EDTMax. A respected physician, she has extensive experience with ED and related medical issues. The doctor has treated many patients in hospitals, onsite-medical practices, urgent care and nursing. Her previous post was as the Medical Director for MedPro Urgent Care in Florida. Now, in charge of medicine at EDTMax, Dr. Miller specializes in the treatment of men within the erectile dysfunction age. She will target a specific erectile dysfunction treatment and prescribe affordable erectile dysfunction pills to help men enjoy their sex lives.

A telemedicine consultation removes the stigma of going to the doctor to discuss erectile dysfunction. Now, the online option gives the patient the freedom of an appointment to discuss ED from the comfort and privacy of their homes, consulting with the doctor in a discreet session—free of charge. The telemedicine consultation consists of the doctor asking questions about the quality and frequency of erections and then will evaluate the case. Once the doctor has established the diagnosis and has approved erectile dysfunction treatment, only then will the patient be charged. The physician will provide an ED medical prescription. The prescription is then sent to an authorized and licensed pharmacy and medicine will be delivered to the patient’s home.

The ED medications prescribed by the respected specialists at EDTMax treat the causes of erectile dysfunction and are not available anywhere else. These medicines are generally effective, and in most cases have been shown to solve the problem of keeping and maintaining an erection. A more normal and regular sex life can then be achieved. Unlike other sources that prescribe helpful medications, EDTMax provides patients with only genuine and healthy medicines that produce results.

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