EDTMax.com Offers Free Online Consultation With a State Licensed MD to see if a Person Qualifies for

ED is something that impacts many men’s lives. Consulting with a State Licensed MD regarding the issue is more simple than ever thanks to EDTMax.com.

October 22, 2020

Erectile Dysfunction is one of life’s more common problems. The good news is that it is often very quickly a thing of the past when the right approach to medication is taken. Both generic Cialis and generic Viagra are extremely effective and for most people quite safe. Also getting a prescription is now much more simple and fast than ever. EDTMax.com recently celebrated its launch focused on making this process as smooth as possible. The new telemedicine website allows for a free, quick video conference with a state licensed MD. If approved offline the MD will write a ED prescription and send it out an affiliated pharmacy. Generic Viagra or Cialis will then be shipped monthly free and discreet to the patient’s front door, all set at quite attractive price points.

“We do everything we can to safely address ED and its side effects,” commented a spokesperson for EDT Max. “Our Head of Medical, Dr. Adriene Miller, is an expert in this area. We’ve seen so many people’s lives and the lives of their partners improve with the addition of Viagra or Cialis, and healthy sex lives be enjoyed to the fullest again. It is certainly something worth exploring for most people with ED.”

According to EDT Max, one of the MD’s it works with who are able to prescribe ED treatment medication will have a decision in all cases in under eight hours. This can help a person quickly address this health issue without the headache, inconvenience, and expense of going to an office visit with a local doctor.

To learn more be sure to visit https://www.edtmax.com.


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